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Instructional Design

Harbinger’s instructional design team is a team of young, enthusiastic professionals with a strong understanding of instructional design principles and methodologies. Our proven abilities in requirements analysis help us to provide clients with efficient learning solutions. A strong ability to work with content from various domains and a creative flair for ideas has helped us create innovative design approaches for our eLearning solutions.

Visual Design

Our team of Graphic Designers and Visual Artists are highly trained in Visual Design, Visual Communication, Visual Media and Conceptualization and Multimedia design.

We specialize in creating:

  • GUI design

  • 2D, 3D graphics and animation

  • Informative graphics

  • Audio and video integration

Technical Expertise

Using the script as a guide, our technical team is highly proficient in assembling different elements of the courseware into a coherent whole. Our technical team is well trained and well versed with all aspects of programming and courseware development including:

  • Programming courseware using the popular Programming tools

  • Integrating courses with SCORM or TinCan compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an intrinsic part of our courseware development processes and has always been a strong point at Harbinger. Each course is thoroughly tested along strict guidelines to ensure qualitative performance to our clients. Our QA process involves testing the courseware ensuring:

  • Performance: The course should operate in the predefined manner.

  • Features: The elements incorporated into the course should be appropriate and not detract from the overall objectives of the course.

  • Reliability: The course functionality should be reliable and work as planned in all situations.

  • Conformance: If decided, the course should comply with industry standards, such as SCORM, TinCan, 508 and others.

  • Aesthetics: The overall ‘look-n-feel’ of the course should be professional and learner-friendly.