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Legacy Content: Getting it in Action

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Legacy Content: Getting it in Action

Cost-effective and rapid conversion of legacy content

  • Rapid Conversion

    We follow automation approach, which makes it easier to convert large chunks of content quickly. This can have a major impact on your time-to-market and can improve it considerably, thereby reducing costs.

    The converted content is also made available in future-ready formats, which makes it easier to update it, and keep up with the newest trends.

  • Latest Design Styles and Technology

    We follow responsive design approach, which makes the content multi device compatible. Responsive design provides a better learning experience compared to legacy courses and can also help you reach out to the mobile user base.

  • Best-In-Class Instructional Design

    Our team of highly experienced instructional designers helps you apply the most optimal instructional design approaches to your content to make it far more engaging than it was. Be it gamification elements, or chunking the content into smaller microlearning modules, or applying other interactive learning essentials, we strive to do the best for your courses.

  • Trackable

    While the conversion process is in progress, new tracking mechanisms such as SCORM, 508 Compliance could be easily added to the content. This allows you to easily track learner’s progress.

  • Making your content searchable using metadata

    As we apply instructional design to convert legacy content to new formats, smart and relevant metadata can be made a part of process. This allows not only content being upgraded for technology but also ready for easy search through metadata. This enables businesses to not only get faster ROI but also access to untapped opportunities in market.