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As a responsible corporate citizen, Harbinger is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices which are sustainable and benefit the communities at large. We understand that the society that we are a part of does not limit its offering with just smart, educated, skilled and loyal work force. We need to give back, not just in kind but through our sustainable practices as well.

Harbinger focuses on the under-developed aspect of the society. During the year 2014-15, Harbinger has supported many community development initiatives which were aimed at "Empowering through education, skill enhancement for the underprivileged section of the society and supporting ecological sustainability”. Furthermore, fellow Harbingers have volunteered for the health and women empowerment initiatives with zeal and enthusiasm.

We have driven several social initiatives and attended the needs of various NGOs in the city. Harbinger is closely associated with various organizations and NGOs to create an impact on the environment, surroundings, society and individuals as well. Some of our initiatives in this direction are:

Harbingers at Keshav Madhav School

Recently adopted the Keshav Madhav School in Khed Shivapur village, Pune. This is a primary school run by a group of enthusiastic teachers from Khed Shivapur and the neighboring villages. Harbinger aims to make it a model school by supporting and encouraging the teachers, upskilling them and getting the students to exceed in all fields.

Harbingers from the company played story tellers and provided CDs of stories in English, Marathi and Hindi to the Jagriti School.

Support Jagriti School for Blind Girls. This school is engaged in providing education, training and rehabilitation of visually challenged girls from rural Maharashtra, India. Harbinger participated in story-telling initiative and provided CDs of stories in English, Marathi and Hindi as a part of the learning initiative. The Voice Overs for these stories were recorded at the company premises and presented to Jagriti School for Blind Girls.

Secret Santa gifts for underprivileged children

Associated with Door Step School (a mobile school) that provides education and support to the children of pavement dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families. Due to their limited access to school classrooms and libraries for studying, this initiative was led with utmost importance.

Harbingers participating in a Bi-annual blood donation drive

Harbinger also conducts various other CSR activities on a periodic basis such as blood donation drives, short animation films for traffic awareness and much more. Harbinger team conducted an entertainment program for the benefit of armed forces veterans at a Paraplegic Center. The center had more than 150 ex-service men who had war disability. In another initiative, we brought gifts for kids who were under the supervision of Ekalavya Nyasa, an NGO that works for the children of Commercial Sex Workers (CSW), Alcoholics, HIV infected parents and single parents.

At Harbinger, each activity is more than just an 'initiative'. It is our heart-felt desire to give something back to the society that has done a lot for everyone around us. We are in pursuit of building a community which would bring everyone together for leading a happier and a satisfied life. With so much to discover and deliver, we keep the momentum rolling high by challenging ourselves and surpassing our own expectations to create excellence. Our CSR initiatives aim at creating an environment which is conducive for self and peer development of underprivileged sections of the society.